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Check out photos of Nigerian man who just opened a suya spot in London
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A Nigerian man based in London identified as Abdullahi Mai Kano has opened London’s first Suya place.

An MSc holder and graduate of the University of Greenwich, Mai Kano has decided to create employment for himself by opening a Nigerian restaurant that specializes in Suya grilling.

Nigerians who live abroad now work very hard to have there own business where they reside.

Aside from sending items to Nigeria for sale, some go as far as opening restaurants where they sell local foods.

Alhaji Suya is not just out to sell just the traditional way but added side dishes to his menu list such as salads, plantain, yamarita and much more.

Kay O’Lucifern shared the post on Facebook writing, “one out of 5 restaurants or food stores in south-east London is owned by either Yoruba or Igbo or Calabar or Edo person.

Last week, a young Hausa man opened a shop called Alhaji Suya and I am very sure that he is the first and only Hausa man to open a restaurant in the whole of the UK.

I rarely come across Hausa/Fulani people hustling in the streets of London or working in any organisation in the UK except those working in Nigerian embassy or those studying in the UK universities through their state or federal government sponsorships and they hardly stay after the completion of their studies.

I was impressed to see this friendly and hardworking young Hausa man, an MSc holder of the University of Greenwich, London, promoting one of the Nigerian delicacies in London.

If you are in London or planning to come
to London, the address is 15 Peckham Park Road, London, SE15 6TR.”

See photos below;

Suya is a spicy shish kebab (skewered meat) which is a popular food item in West Africa.

It is traditionally prepared by the Hausa people of northern Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Ghana and some parts of Sudan (where it is called agashe).

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